Local Files

    • The Weblab interface

      The weblab interface lets you view and edit Weblab notebooks. It is composed of the notebook Editor, the Menubar and the Sidepane. In the notebook Editor you can change and run the content of cells. The Menubar helps you create, rearrange, or delete cells as well as save the notebook. The Sidepane contains different tabs to manage files or show the documentation.

    • Menubar

      The purpose of the Menubar is to help edit the notebook. On the one hand this means to create, arrange or delete cells. On the other hand to save or download the notebook.

    • menu

      The Menu is a collection all possible actions related to a notebook.

    • play_arrow

      The "Run"-button evaluates the currently selected cell. For that a cell has to be selected with the cursor.

    • save

      The "Save"-button saves the current state of the notebook to the local browser storage. The saved notebook is accessible in the Sidepane on the left.

    • save_alt

      The "Download"-button downloads the currently opened notebook. This way notebooks can be stored outside the browser in the local file system.

    • post_add

      The "Add cell"-button creates either a Code or Markdown cell. The cell is inserted either below the currently selected cell or if no cell is selected at the end of the notebook.

    • arrow_upward

      The "Move cell up"-button moves the currently selected cell upward by one.

    • arrow_downward

      The "Move cell down"-button moves the currently selected cell downward by one.

    • delete

      The "Delete"-button deletes the currently selected cell.

    • Files

      The Files pane helps to organize multiple notebooks. The files that are visible in the Files pane are actually still stored on your computer. They are located in the local storage of your browser. So you are still in charge of your data and your data is never sent to any server.

    • menu

      The Menu is a collection of all actions related to the files in the Files pane.

    • note_add

      The "New notebook"-button creates an empty notebook. It is typically names "untitled.ipynb" and is visible in the Files pane.

    • upload

      With "Upload button" you can select a notebook or text file on your computer to uploaded into the Weblab Files. The File is actually still stored on your computer, in the local storage of your browser. So you are still in control of your data.